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Sorry if you are all sick of hearing my voice after a week of this AD campaign (I certainly am), but I am really excited about this new Conscious Thursdays series as a way to continue the positive momentum generated by the "Occupy" gigs and spread the "good vibe energy flow" through music.

Also, Thursday's show will be very special because of the Burlington debut of Soulstace, a performance by Workingmans Army (my favorite "under the radar" Vermont band ...need to get some tracks on FVR soonest), and the first full band performance by ONEoverZERO, due to a couple of unfortunate illnesses of band members.   I think we are sitting on a big performance and hope to share it with as many of you as possible ... this night is almost 18 months in the making!

Thanks for all of your contined support.  The FVR music community rocks!

One love,

Dan Murphy of ONEoverZERO and Dubnotix





http://freevermontradio.org/blog/view/135311/ideas-for-vermont-musicians-union Thu, 16 Jun 2011 20:17:49 -0500 http://freevermontradio.org/blog/view/135311/ideas-for-vermont-musicians-union <![CDATA[Ideas for Vermont Musicians Union]]>  

In response to the discussion that has started regarding a potential Vermont Musicians Union….  I did some critical thinking last night to consider the question of whether such an organization would be worthwhile for its members (Conclusion: I think it would) and, if so, what valuable services could such a union provide.

The following bullet points are the results of my brain-storming:

MASS NEGOTIATING (and therefore lower prices) for products and services that are used by many of us, including:

Web design / maintenance (maybe including a programmer building a template which could be easily customized / modified according to individual preference)

- Studio and Production expenses

- CD and other media manufacturing

- Merch

- Benefits (including Health Insurance of some form?)

NETWORKING …creating a forum to connect musicians to “musician friendly” folks who provide essential services at a fair rate, and also others who they feel may be interested in spreading the word for a specific musician whose work they find meritorious.  For, instance:

- Artists (for posters, album art, Merch etc.)

- Live Sound Systems and Soundmen (and women)

- Video services

- Promoters

- Labels

- Enthusiastic Fans (some of whom might be interested to help promote)

SUPPORT / FEEDBACK / APPRECIATION …I would suggest that the one prerequisite for being a member in this Union (besides being an active, working musician) would be a stated intent to listen to as much music from fellow Vermont artists as possible and to lend support to those Musicians whose work you appreciate.   It seems logical that we should all try to actively support each other voluntarily …without obligation.

CONTRACT FOR SERVICES…  Normally, a Labor Union is primarily concerned with negotiating fair rates between employee and employer.  However, in our case, I’m not sure that an organization is required for this or that we need to make it a formal process, since Vermont venue owners and promoters seem to treat musicians fairly, in general, given the very difficult climate for the live music business.

The one area where a union could be potentially valuable in this regard is the creation of one very simple, standard contract (which could be e-mailed) that we could all use when booking a gig.  This would not be done for legal purposes ….certainly we don’t want to be initiating lawsuits …but rather as a way to make sure that everybody knows what has been agreed upon in advance.   One important issue to clarify up front is whether payment is guaranteed or contingent upon factors such as attendance, ticket sales,  bar sales, etc..  In cases where the venue provides a guarantee, they should be expected to honor this regardless of the success / failure of the gig as long as the musician(s) execute their end of the bargain.

Although most owners / promoters are very fair folks, and an asset to the local music scene, there are a few bad apples that should be identified and weeded out.  A certain reggae promoter comes to mind, who continually defaults on payment obligations, advertises artists that don’t show up etc.  As a result, the whole reggae community suffers.  So the stated aim of this process is to clarify what is agreed to and to make sure that everybody complies….those who don’t should be identified and alienated.

So that is a beginning.  Anyone have ideas to add?  Comments?  Criticisms? Questions?

One love,

Dan Murphy of Dubnotix 


http://freevermontradio.org/blog/view/117851/limiting-song-requests Wed, 06 Apr 2011 21:17:27 -0500 http://freevermontradio.org/blog/view/117851/limiting-song-requests <![CDATA[Limiting Song Requests?]]> With a growing number of folks listening to the station, perhaps it is a bit overindulgent to queue lists of 10 or more requests at one time?  

I suggest we subscribe to an unwritten rule that no user shall request more than 4 songs in any two hour period.




http://freevermontradio.org/blog/view/27237/2010-election-observations Wed, 03 Nov 2010 21:01:09 -0500 http://freevermontradio.org/blog/view/27237/2010-election-observations <![CDATA[2010 ELECTION OBSERVATIONS:]]>

I must say that I am slightly disappointed with the US electorate.  Despite the rising tide of discontent that has swept our nation, there has been very little discourse on the issues that are at the root of the problem.  Instead, we find Americans clinging to the politics of self interest and fear.  Is it not self- evident that good government is not going to come from candidates that stoke these base desires as opposed to addressing the solutions to the serious problems that confront us?


On a more positive note, this election season, I have seen the beginning of something very interesting here in Vermont, small gatherings of people who call themselves by different names: Socialist, Libertarian, Secessionist etc. that don't vote together and historically have not communicated, learning through free and open discourse that many of us are in support of exactly the same things: The end to these senseless wars, health care that is not only universal …but whose true cost to us is not artificially inflated by corporate interests, the restoration of the Bill of Rights, the end to Wall Streets stranglehold on banking, money, and the economy (with the blessing of the Bush and Obama administrations) for self-serving purpose, electoral reform ....etc. 


The only thing that I can say to other mindful folks who feel disenfranchised: There is a rising tide of us that have had enough and want a change, and it is in the best interest of the status quo to keep this group silent by giving the impression that their thoughts and actions are futile, and eventually splintering them into factions or getting them to check out altogether.


In response to this, we have to unite, there is no way around it, otherwise we cast the lot of our future and the future of are children to more of the same and eventually the end of all that we wish we were as Americans. So please, keep your eyes open, vent your dissatisfaction, find like minded people who are also disenfranchised by what has gone on and continues to go on. It is my intuitive sense that our actions matter.


One love,


Dan Murphy of Dubnotix

http://freevermontradio.org/blog/view/23687/secessionist-dubnotix-lyrics-by-request Sat, 11 Sep 2010 17:26:22 -0500 http://freevermontradio.org/blog/view/23687/secessionist-dubnotix-lyrics-by-request <![CDATA["Secessionist" (Dubnotix) lyrics by request:]]>  

“Secessionist” by Dan Murphy / Dubnotix

 (Verse I)

You don’t speak for me no more

No, I don’t support your war.

The sample is large enough by now

I know what is in store


With no accountability

It seems we’re swimming in a sea

Of misguided choices, misappropriation

Debt piled high as an elephant’s eye

Flanked by the towers of subcontractors

Digging our graves with an excavator.


So I do solemnly decree

There is just one way left for me, and that is …




Freedom to reap that which we sow

Freedom is the seed that we will grow

The freedom of self sufficiency

Freedom is the root of our esprit


Freedom from the government cartel

Freedom to educate our children well

Freedom to control our community

Freedom so that we can live free


(Verse II)


I’d been mired in futility

Due to our collective debility

Paralyzed by the magnitude

A disenfranchised absentee


I find my confidence restored

By what America stands for …and that’s ..

Sovereignty of self governing people

Respect for justice and liberty

To pay the price for the gift of freedom

An active and vocal citizenry


We shout it from Green Mountains high

These principles will never die …and we want ..




(Verse III)


So Americans take heart

Everyone can do their part

To restore our democracy

Today is a good day to start


With just one small step at a time

This mountain we will climb, with …

Community Supported Agriculture

Pursuit of sustainable energy

Compassion for our friends and neighbors

By making a change at a local level


We shout it from Green Mountains high

These principles will never die …and we want ..




http://freevermontradio.org/blog/view/21765/vermont-reggae-festival-returns-saturday-august-14th Thu, 12 Aug 2010 22:01:04 -0500 http://freevermontradio.org/blog/view/21765/vermont-reggae-festival-returns-saturday-august-14th <![CDATA[Vermont Reggae Festival returns Saturday August 14th]]> By popular demand, the Vermont Reggae Festival returns this Saturday in Johnson after some years in hibernation:   http://www.vermontreggaefest.com/  In support of the event, Dubnotix will return to play one final show ....from 4:15PM to 5:00PM, and will be joined by popular local bands The Pulse Prophets and Lambsbread and many more regional and international acts including the legendary Lee "Scratch" Perry. Live music starts at 9:00 AM and continues until 12:00 Midnight  

http://freevermontradio.org/blog/view/17363/support-local-music-nuff-raspect-to-the-nek-posse Mon, 17 May 2010 19:43:32 -0500 http://freevermontradio.org/blog/view/17363/support-local-music-nuff-raspect-to-the-nek-posse <![CDATA[Support local music ...'nuff RASpect to the NEK posse]]> Was treated to two amazing shows at Langdon Street over the past few weeks when Viscus and Electric Sorcery made rare appearances on this side of the state.  Thanks again!  

I am sensing an alarming trend as the top acts in Vermont are having a very difficult time drawing a commensurate audience to attend shows and share the vibe.  Personally, I consider bands like Viscus and Electric Sorcery, MADMAN3, The Pulse Prophets etc. to be a public resource ....they make an important cultural contribution and their work MUST be supported for us to maintain a flourishing music scene for us all to enjoy.

My point: pay attention to your favorite Vermont artists, participate in their mailing lists, attend their shows, tell your friends when they are coming around.  LET'S DO OUR BEST TO SUPPORT VERMONT BASED ARTISTS!

Please feel free to chime in with comments if you also feel strongly about this.